Y   O   U   R    O N  L  I  N  E   B  U  S  I  N  E  S  S   S  T  A  R  T  S   H   E   R   E


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CEO - CO Founder Builderall Europe BV

I help people start & grow businesses

Hi, I’m Wassili Birbilis. I like solving problems, building things and learning. During my 15 years of entrepreneurship I celebrated successes, accepted failures, made my first million within 5 years, went broke due a bad partnership few years later, then build a succesfull online international  businesses within 3 years, and build a huge network  in the digital marketing space. My mission is to collectively educate every human on Earth. I aim to do this by teaching people how to teach themself. 

I help people automate their businesses

Automation isn’t reserved for big corporations. Small companies, too, can incorporate automation in every aspect of business: from capturing leads to closing sales to serving customers to checking routine office tasks off the to-do list. When repetitive processes are automated, small business owners can instead devote time to the goals that really matter—like growing the business.

I teach people how to start a online business

The biggest problem I see in the world today is education. School systems and universities are outdated, expensive, slow and non-personalized. Their single intent is to “qualify” people to get jobs. My mission is to collectively educate every human on Earth on how to start a online business so they can free themselves from their bosses and 9 to 5 jobs